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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
Kitsap TriBabes
Tri Bag Packing List ~ What TO Bring;)

-- Filled water bottles (preferably ONE with pure water; one with electrolyte drink)
-- Pre-Race Food
-- Transition Area/Bike Ride Food
(if you'll be taking more than 2 hours to comPLETE)
-- Bathing suit (Optional and really, not preferable. Just swim in your sports bra and tri shorts! But IF you insist, wear it OVER your Sports Bra and do NOT take it off in T1. Just pull your shorts and top on OVER it.)
-- Sports bra
-- Wet suit
(optional and not necessary)
-- Large garbage bag to cover your bike handle bars when you leave it overnight
-- Small plastic grocery bag to cover your bike seat when you leave it overnight
-- Spray oil
(especially if wearing a wet suit, nice just to prevent general chafing; easier to use than Body Glide during actual transitions)
-- Goggles
-- Swim cap
(bring your own but the Event Organizers usually give you the one you must wear)
-- Ear plugs; nose plugs (optional)
-- Bucket
(this is optional and is used to carry gear in and to flip over and sit on in the transition area)
-- Towel (consider two small ones -- one for stepping on, one for drying)
-- Sports watch; Heart Rate Monitor; Garmin; etc.
(Optional and remember that sometimes, "less is more" when it comes to technology which has a tendency to fail you just as you have come to depend upon it;)
-- Bike (with race number affixed - triathlon organizers will provide you w/ this number)
-- Tri shorts (or whatever shorts you are planning to ride and run/walk in)
-- Biking shoes (only necessary if you have special clip in ones; otherwise bike and run/walk in the same shoes)
-- Bike maintenance kit (extra inner tube, multi-tool, tire levers, CO2 cartridge & dispenser)
-- Pink Duct Tape (use to attach your bike maintenance kit to your bike if you don't have a saddle bag)
-- Bar End Plugs (these should already be ON your bike plugging up the end of your handlebars. But, double check to make sure that they are actually there. If you can see into the end of either of your handlebars, your bar end plugs are NOT there and you should use the Duct Tape to correct the problem and to help any NON Tri Babes who will not have known that they should have checked their Bar End Plugs;)
-- Kitsap Tri Babes Race Top (with race number/Bib affixed -- triathlon organizers will provide you w/ this Bib)
-- Race Belt (This is optional but highly preferable to pinning your Race Bib to your Race Top. Instead, you attach your Race Bib to the race belt and put it on in T1 after the swim. During the bike, it is worn on your Bootylicious Backside; during the run/walk it is worn on your Fabulous Frontside.)
-- Bike helmet (with race number affixed -- triathlon organizers will provide you w/ this number)
-- Timing chip (You will receive this from the Event Organizers when you pick up your Race Packet. You wear it during the entire race even in the water! You MUST return it immediately after you cross the finish line;)
-- Biking gloves (optional - if you DO use them, do NOT tell your Tri Hare, Dane)
-- Socks (Once again, do NOT admit to your Tri Hare, Dane, that you wear these. What wire hangers are to Joan Crawford, socks are to your Tri Hare.)
-- Running shoes ("Race laces" are preferable but optional.)
-- Dry pre-race/post race attire (Nothing is more unpleasant than wearing wet clothing one second longer than necessary after you have crossed that Finish Line;)
-- flip-flops
---- dry bra
---- shorts or warm-ups
---- dry top
---- dry underwear
---- super large tee-shirt
(to use as a "changing tent" to help prevent public nudity)
-- Long-sleeve top (Preferably of technical material. In cold weather, it can be worn under your race top)
-- Rain jacket/shell (Because you just never know when it is going to rain on your triathlon parade;)
-- Sunglasses (Even if it is overcast, these should be worn on the bike for eye safety.)
-- Body Glide or Vaseline Jelly
-- Lip balm
-- Sunscreen (preferably the spray-on kind)
-- Hairbrush + ponytail holder
-- Diaper wipes
-- Plastic bags for containing clothing items that are wet and soiled during comPLETion
-- Athlete Guide which was sent via email
(Because Tri Babes are ALWAYS well informed;)
-- Duffle Bag/Back pack (preferably ONE for actual race items and a second one for your pre/post race stuff)
-- Positive, Confident Attitude (and this, really, is the ONLY thing that matters;)

Tri Bag NON Packing List ~ What NOT to Bring;)

-- iFRICKINGANYTHING . . . please know that iPhones and ear buds are NOT allowed during sanctioned events. In what possible world do you think it is wise to NOT be able to hear what is going on around you and to NOT be able to hear the directions of volunteers who are directing you along the path of safety?

-- Expectations . . . they simply undermine your ability to enjoy whatever Event Day presents you with.

-- Self Doubt . . . you are as trained as you are trained. Others are more trained; others are less trained. They have their story; you have your story. You will do the best that you can do under the circumstances which you encounter. Whatever you manage to do will be "good enough" and it will be far better than doing nothing. Obstacles are Challenges in disguise; the more you are presented with, the more embettered you will become.

-- Self Judgment . . . at the end of your event, you either will have gained
confidence or character. I sincerely hope you get the confidence, but if event day decides to provide you with some more character, that isn't a bad thing, right? There is always time to gather more confidence later!

~ Lisa Be FULL of character (and enough confidence on your behalf;)