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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
Kitsap TriBabes
How do I become a Kitsap Tri Babe?
Simply download this year's registration form and waiver. Fill these out and mail them to: Tri Turtle Wellness, 2801 Cantu Ln. N.W. Seabeck, WA 98380. Make checks out to "Tri Turtle Wellness."

How much does the Kitsap Tri Babe training cost?
The fee for "Newbies" is $150 for the summer training season. "Vets," who have previously paid a Kitsap Tri Babe training fee, only need to pay $75. This training fee is non-refundable and covers admission to any and all of the twice weekly Group training events, a daily training schedule, as well as individual email correspondence & counseling with the Tri Turtle (if desired).

What if I can't attend all the Group trainings?
As long as you are doing the equivalent on you own, you should be okay. Please note that it is very easy to simulate the weekly Bricks simply by doing the equivalent distances (indicated on the training schedule) on your own. It is much harder to simulate the weekly Open Water Lake Swims since they help you get comfortable swimming in a large group. Simply doing the equivalent distance in open lake water, on your own, will help you build up your swimming endurance and will get you comfortable swimming in open water. But, it will not prepare you for the realities of open water swimming at an actual triathlon event. The most important things to remember are that pool swimming in no way prepares you for the realities of swimming in open lake water. And, what is called "1 Lake Lap" on our training schedule is equivalent to 200 yards of swimming.

What is a "Brick?"
A "Brick" is a Bike Ride followed by a Run/walk. The "B" stands for Bike; the "R" stands for Run; and the "ICK" should be self-evident!!! This common triathlon training session was so named because your legs often feel heavy like "bricks" when you begin running/walking right after a bike ride. The good news is that your legs feel worse in the beginning of your run/walk and feel better and better as you continue running/walking.

The training schedule ends with the Danskin triathlon. What do I do between Danskin and Tri Turtle Tri?
Don't worry. We will continue holding the twice weekly group trainings (Tues. 7:30a.m. & p.m. Open Water Swims AND Sat. 8:30a.m. Bricks) up through Tuesday September 4th. Once Danskin is over, an "extension schedule" will be posted to tell you what to do until Tri Turtle Tri.

What gear do I need to do a triathlon?
For beginners, any old bike will do; any old swim suit will do. You should invest money in a quality sports bra, swim goggles and running shoes (all of which are available at Poulsbo Running). You will need a well fitting, certified biking helmet. This is available at Silverdale Cyclery. Wetsuits are optional and are available for rental and purchase at Poulsbo Running.

Q: When and Where do you train?
A: Our training season runs from June through September. Your Tri Babe Registration Fee gains you admittance to the two group training sessions that we hold each week. On Tuesdays, we meet for a group Open Water Swim at Wildcat Lake Park on Holly Road. You can choose between the 7:30a.m. or the 7:30p.m. swim. On Saturdays, we meet at 8:30a.m. for a group Brick (a Bike ride followed by Run/Walk) at the Evergreen Lutheran Church on the West end of Holly Road.

Q: If I am NOT a registered Tri Babe, can I just drop-in to the trainings?
A: Yes unregistered women may "drop-in" to the Weekly Lake Swims and Bricks. The drop-in fee is $10 per training. If you are "dropping in," you must do the following: 1) check in with the Tri Turtle before participating; 2) pay your drop-in fee; 3) sign a liability waiver.
Important Dates:

Sep 8th
- TTT Race Packet Pick up

Sep 9th - Tri Turtle Tri

Sep 10th... - Bask in the glory. You deserve it!