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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
Kitsap TriBabes

*** Doing these seven workouts in this particular order is NOT important. What IS important is getting these seven different types of training comPLETEd each week. Get them done in whatever order works best for YOUR schedule. Obviously, life will conspire against you. So, congratulate yourself vigorously when you can actually get all seven workouts done. On difficult weeks, just comPLETE as many workouts as is WOmanly possible and call it GOOD ENOUGH!!! ***

DAY ONE -- Tempo Run:
Map out a 3 Run/Walk Route. Break it up into ½ Mile segments. Run/Walk the first ½ Mile slowly and easily as your Warm-Up. For the next 2 miles, try to run/walk each ½ Mile segment at a consistent, faster, "Tempo" pace (for example, if your easy ½ mile pace is 6 minutes, try to run your faster "Tempo" pace at 5:30 minutes per ½ mile). For the final ½ Mile, revert to your slow and easy pace.

DAY TWO -- Pool Swim (2000 Yards Total): For those of you who have problems swimming, I will provide Off Season Swimming Workshops so that you can get proficient at the freestyle/crawl stroke. For those of you who are already able to do the freestyle stroke, follow this interval work-out. If you do NOT have a YMCA Membership, I recommend either the North Kitsap or South Kitsap Pools. Please remember that 1 pool length = 25 yards (or meters . . . Tri Babes refuse to obsess about the negligible difference between the two;):
1) 8 lengths/200 yards Easy Free-style Warm-Up
2) 8 lengths/200 yards Arms Only swimming with the Pull Buoy (available at the pool)
3) 8 lengths/200 yards Legs Only swimming with Fins and/or Kickboard (available at the pool)
4) 8 lengths/200 yards Drill Work (we will learn Drills at the Swim Workshops. If you do NOT know what to do for Swim Drills, Google "6 Kick Switch" and "10 o'clock/2 o'clock" Drill. Perform 2 lengths/50 yards of each FOUR times for a total of 200 yards.)
5) Swim 4 lengths/100 yards as fast as you can. Rest for 30 - 60 second and repeat for a total of four, 100 yards repeats (400 yards total).
6) Swim 8 lengths/200 yards slowly and easily to Recover
7) Swim 4 lengths/100 yards as fast as you can. Rest for 30 - 60 second and repeat for a total of four, 100 yards repeats (400 yards total).
8) Swim 8 lengths/200 yards easily to Cool Down.
*** Let me know what your slowest 100 yard Fast Repeat time is!!! ***

DAY THREE -- Interval Run:
My suggestion is that you go to the track and do the following work-out (remember that one lap = 400 yards):
1) 4 laps/1600 yards Easy Warm-Up
2) 1 lap/400 yards of Drill Work (You will learn these Drills at our Saturday Athlete's Hour Classes; if you do NOT know what to do, Google "A Skip," "B Skip," and "Karoke" in order to know what to alternate between for your 400 yards of Drill Work.)
3) Run One Mile/1600 meters/4 laps as fast as you can and
send me your time!!!
4) Run 2 laps/8 yards Easy Recovery
5) Run 1 lap/400 yards as fast as you can and
send me your time!!!
6) Run 2 laps/800 yards Easy Cool Down
*** If getting to the track is too hard, you can find a hill near your house and run up it, walk down it. OR just take a run and alternate periods of running fast with periods of running slowly. ***

DAY FOUR -- Bike Ride: If you CAN purchase or already have a bike trainer, use it to vary periods of spinning hard and fast with periods of recovering. OR, go find a hill near your house and ride up and down it as many times as you can. OR, just find a 30-60 minute route that you enjoy and ride it OR take a Spin Class. As long as you can alternate periods of riding hard and fast with periods of slowly recovering, that will be great.

DAY FIVE -- Easy 2 - 3 Mile Run/Walk

DAY SIX -- Strength/Cardio/Conditioning Training:
You can get a video, do a machine work-out at your gym OR, you can just do some old fashioned sit-ups and push-ups, OR, PREFERABLY, YOU CAN ATTEND ATHLETE'S HOUR ON SATURDAY FROM 10:30-11:30a.m. AT EXPANSIONS YOGA IN SILVERDALE.

And on the 7th day, the Tri Goddess RESTed.