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Kitsap TriBabes

1) This year's event will be held on Sunday August 23rd (this is the 3rd Sunday not the 2nd Sunday when it has customarily been held. I am THRILLED about this since our very first Tri Baby, Allyson Willoughby will be getting married on August 15th).

2) You ARE expected to pick up your race packet and rack your bike on Saturday August 22nd. SOOOOOO . . . start planning NOW to either: a) rent a hotel room -- I like Bellevue; b) stay overnight with friends in Seattle; c) get up really early on Sunday to drive over after having had gone over on Saturday!

3) In order to register, go to: http://www.irongirl.com/Events/Seattle/Registration.htm#axzz3R1IOce7c

4) Remember that you ARE registering as an INDIVIDUAL for the SPRINT DISTANCE. This is always a LITTLE confusing because, as a Kitsap Tri Babe, YOU think of yourself as part of a "Team" - AND YOU ARE!!! You just aren't participating "as a Relay Team." You, yourself, your swim goggles, your bike, and your running shoes are doing this event ALONE, but pinkly and powerfully supported, as an INDIVIDUAL. You are doing ALL three legs - swim/dog paddle; bike/sight see; run/waddle of the event. If you register as a "team," that means that you are only doing one or two of the legs and someone else is doing the second or third leg.

5) AFTER you say that you are participating as an INDIVIDUAL, you will be asked if you are affiliated with a team or training group. This is where you PROUDLY PROCLAIM YOUR PINKNESS and say that you are part of the Kitsap Tri Babes!!!! This is how they know to put you in the Tri Babe Swim Wave!!!

6) You can also "proudly proclaim your pinkess" by adding "TriBabe" to your first name when you register. For instance, I register as First Name: LisaTriBabe; Last Name: Ballou. It is really fun to listen to the announcers say "Tri Babe" all morning as we cross the finish line!!! But, please note, if you do this, you should CONTINUE to do it at every event you do so that your "points" get consolidated and not dispersed!!!

7) When it comes time to PAY, use the discount code: TRIBABES15 -- this will give you 10% off the registration fee!!!

8) YOU MUST HAVE USAT INSURANCE!!!!! If you are an annual USAT member, you KNOW that you are and will simply provide your Annual Membership Number. If you don't know what the heck I am talking about, then you are NOT a USAT Member. SOOOOOO . . . you must say "YES" when they ask if you want to purchase a "One Day Membership" for $12.

9) NOOOOOOO . . . you do NOT need to purchase all that merchandise and training they will TRI to "upsell" you! Instead, realize that a Finisher's Shirt IS part of your registration fee - THAT is the shirt you want to wear AFTER you have crossed the finish line!!! On event day, you will want to wear your pretty pink Kitsap Tri Babe merchandise!!! Or in other words, PLEASE, for the love of all that is PINK, let ME "upsell" you merchandise NOT IronGirl!!!!

10) Once you have registered, PLEASE email me to let me know!!! I like to keep an "Official Tally & Spreadsheet." This allows me to make sure that every one who WANTS to be in the Kitsap Tri Babe swim wave, GETS into the Swim Wave!

Let me know if you have any questions . . . HAPPY REGISTERING for IRONGIRL (Kitsap Tri Babe registration will begin in April; Tri Turtle Tri registration will open in May) . . . Lisa Be still VERY Blue and a little bit Green!