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How to Fit Your Bike Helmet Properly:

FIRST, make sure that you have it on facing the correct way. The lower part goes in back.

SECOND, make sure that you pull the front of the helmet down so that it covers your forehead. It should sit just on top of your eyebrows. If it does not, adjust the straps on the side of your head, by your ears, so that the plastic strap holders sit just below your ear lobes and, so that they position the helmet low on your forehead.

THIRD, make sure that your helmet fits the circumference of your head. There is a little wheel like dial on the back of the helmet. By adjusting it, you adjust the inner plastic shell of the helmet so that it conforms to your head.

FOURTH, adjust the chinstrap so that it is in snug contact with your chin. You should only be able to get two flat fingers in between your helmet and your chin. If your helmet is too loose, or does not sit properly on your head, it cannot do its very important job!!!!!!

FIFTH, when you crash (and I am sorry to say that, statistically, a crash will eventually happen if you cycle long enough) you should do two things: 1) examine your helmet for evidence that you hit your head. You might not even be aware that you hit your head. But, if your helmet indicates that you did so, you need to monitor yourself for concussion symptoms; 2) get a new helmet! Helmets are only good for ONE crash. Even if your helmet looks just fine, the inner material that you cannot see has been compromised and can no longer do its important job of providing shock absorption!

FINALLY . . . Make sure that you get your Bike Helmet checked and "stickered" by an Official Tri Babe Helmet Checker before embarking upon your first Brick!!!