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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
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Taking the FOG out of your Swim Goggles:

1) Clean your goggle lenses with a baby wipe before each swim

Before putting the goggles on, get your face completely wet/immersed and, separately, get the goggles completely wet/immersed. That way both are at the same "surface temperature." A lot of times the goggles fog up because of the difference in temperature between your warm face and the cooler goggles. (Hopefully, at SOME time in your live you have experienced this phenomenon in a car and can therefore understand the scientific principles of the situation;)

3) Before putting the goggles on, get them wet, spit copiously into them, and then rinse the spit out.
Do NOT touch the inside of the goggles with your fingers since the oil from your hands will exacerbate the fogging problem.

4) If solutions 1 & 2 & 3 are NOT enough, you can purchase "Goggle De-Fogger" at Poulsbo Running OR you can a try a little bit of Baby Shampoo on the inside of your goggles.

Taking the LEAK out of your Swim Goggles:

1) Make sure that your goggles fit your face by testing them on dry land with a dry face! Simply push the goggles onto your face. If they hold suction for even a micromoment before popping off, they fit you!!! If they do NOT, you need a different pair of goggles!

2) When putting the goggles ON, make sure that the strap of the goggles lies HIGHER on the back of your head than the goggles do on the front of your face! If you have long hair, position it in a "high" ponytail and put the top strap above the ponytail bump and the bottom strap below the ponytail bump.

3) When swimming keep your face absolutely still so that you don't break the suction.

4) Consider putting your goggles on FIRST and your swim cap on second so that the goggles don't cover the swim cap and create gaps in the suction!