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What to do the week before the first Brick
Dear Tri Babes,

As I hope you know, our first official Tri Babe training is just around the corner. For those of you returning from the Space Station who might not have received this information yet, our first official Tri Babe Training will be our June 4th Brick!!! The Brick will begin at 8:30a.m. (Don't worry, I will send out another email with detailed logistical information;) Our first Lake Swim will take place at Wildcat Lake Park on Tuesday, June 7th. You can come to the 7:30a.m. swim OR the 7:30p.m. swim OR both (if you are so inclined)!

Please know that if you have done absolutely nothing all winter or even if you have done absolutely nothing your entire life, you are perfectly prepared to comPLETE our first Brick training. So, at the bare minimum, just come to the Brick and start taking it one baby step at a time.

However, if you would LIKE to do some prepatory work on your own before our first Brick, please use the suggestions on your Tri Babe training schedule. You should have received an actual copy of this training schedule when you Registered for the Tri Babes or at one of the pre-season events that you attended. If you have not yet registered for the Tri Babes, you will get a training schedule (and Name Bib and Swim Cap) once you do so.

But, since I do NOT want anyone to miss out before they have a chance to get signed up for the Tri Babes, here are all the things you COULD do, if you were so inclined, before our first Brick. Once again, please remember that if you do NOTHING between now and June 4th, you are still welcome at the Brick, you are still prepared for the first Brick, and you are still right on track for 2011 Triathlon success!!!

Week 11
Date: 5/30-6/5
~ Rest
~ Rest
~ Stretch & Strength
~ Pool Swim (10 - 20 pool lengths/250 - 500yards)
~ Bike Ride (25 minutes)
~ Run/Walk (20 minutes)
~ BRICK on June 4th (5 mile Bike rdie followed by a 1 mile Run or Walk)
More importantly, though, you need to know HOW to Interpret the Training Schedule so that you can use it for maximum potential. Here is what a typical week looks like on the training schedule:

Week 9
Date: 6/13-6/19
~ Rest
~ Stretch & Strength
~ Pool Swim~interval
~ LAKE SWIM - 1 lap/6 lengths
~ Bike Ride (35 min)
~ Run/Walk~interval
~ BRICK (7/1.5)