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How to understaned and use the schedule
Here is what you need to know to understand and use your Kitsap Tri Babe training schedule:

We are counting DOWN the weeks until the Danskin Triathlon. This allows you to always know how many weeks you have left until our BIG TRI BABE EVENT!!! I promise that the instant Danskin is over, I WILL send you an "Extension Schedule" that details your training through Tri Turtle Tri on September 11th, 2011 and Black Diamond the last week in September.

Our 2011 Tri Babe training officially began with our June 4th Brick; our final Official 2011 Tri Babe training will be the Group Swim on Tuesday, September 6th. Unless otherwise indicated, we will be meeting for a Group Training every Sat and Tuesday in between!

More importantly, though, you need to know HOW to Interpret the Training Schedule so that you can use it for maximum potential. Here is what a typical week looks like on the training schedule:

Week 9
Date: 6/13-6/19
~ Rest
~ Stretch & Strength
~ Pool Swim~interval
~ LAKE SWIM - 1 lap/6 lengths
~ Bike Ride (35 min)
~ Run/Walk~interval
~ BRICK (7/1.5)

Your training "week" runs Monday - Sunday.

The seven trainings listed each week are divided into the following two categories: 1) CAPILTALIZED GROUP TRAININGS; 2) Lower Case suggestions for what you can do on your own individually.

The GROUP TRAININGS are organized by your Tri Turtle. BRICKS only occur on Saturdays; LAKE SWIMS only occur on Tuesdays. (If you miss a GROUP TRAINING, attempt to do the equivalent distances on your own -- remember that my promise to you is that if you comPLETE the two GROUP TRAININGS each week or do their equivalent on your own, you CAN comPLETE a Sprint Distance triathlon.)

The five Individual Trainings can be done on whatever day of the week works best for you (or not done at all). Your goal is to get as many of these Individual Trainings comPLETEd each week whenever you can. I beg you to realize that, in training, rigidity often results in non-compliance. You want to develop a "carpe diem" mentality and "seize" the training opportunities that each day affords you. This does NOT mean that you should not prioritize your training. Week by week, day by day, you need to re-assess your schedule and plan how you will get your training comPLETEd.

Okay, now let's look at the different types of training that you will be doing each week:

Rest: There is a HUGE difference between singing Bruno Mars' "Lazy Song" and Resting. Athletes rest!!! You need to understand that once you embark on a training regimen, your body physically needs a day of NOT training in order to: 1) process the training which you have done; 2) prevent injury; 3) continue to train at an optimal level. So, make sure that you take 1 day of rest per week.

Stretch & Strength:
On this day, your job is to do a NON triathlon fitness activity each week. You can do whatever interests you. This is called "Cross Training." The purpose is to develop general fitness which compliments the specific swim, bike, run/walk fitness that you are developing through your triathlon training. In the "World According to Your Tri Turtle," you would use yoga to accomplish this weekly "Cross Training." (Please feel free to bring this email to Expansions Yoga for a free yoga class.) But, you can also do any other non-triathlon activity: Pilates, Zumba, Cross-Fit (which I am currently loving;), a self-imposed regimen of Circuit Training or weight training or core work, etc. Go play soccer or take a Belly Dancing class (offered at the Port Orchard Expansions Yoga studio on Monday nights) for all I care!!! I have a GroupOn ticket for a Flying Trapeze lesson that will count as MY weekly "Stretch & Strength!"

Pool Swim ~ Interval: If possible, get yourself to a pool each week. At the bare minimum, do whatever distance we are planning to do at the Lake that week in the pool. At the fullest maximum, strictly follow the "Interval Training" schedule that I will send you each week. You'll get a detailed email on exactly how and why to do "Interval Training" starting in Week 11.

LAKE SWIM X Laps/Y Lengths: This is your group Lake Swim training that will take place each week starting Tuesday June 7th at Wildcat Lake at either 7:30a.m. or 7:30p.m. I will hold swim trainings at both times. You should come to whichever time works best for you or you can come to both times -- if you are feeling industrious! For the majority of Lake Swims, we will swim laps around the five poles at Wildcat Lake. One Lake Lap = 200 yards/8 Lengths/4 Laps of Pool swimming. For those Tri Babes who aren't yet ready to swim out over their heads in the lake, you will swim lengths back and forth between the front poles at the lake in order to comPLETE the equivalent distance. If you are unable to attend a Group Lake Swim, simply get the equivalent distance done at a pool.

Bike Ride: Try to get out and ride your bike on your own each week. If you can ride for the amount of minutes I put in parenthesis, you will insure that you are well-prepared for our weekly Brick. If you want to do more, GREAT. If you can't get out on your own, oh well, just get ourself to the Brick.

Run/Walk ~ Interval: If possible, get yourself to a track each week. At the bare minimum, just get out around your house and run/walk the same distance that you will be running/walking at that week's Brick. At the fullest maximum, strictly follow the Run/Walk "Interval Training" schedule that I will send you each week.

BRICK (X/Y): The Bricks are Group trainings organized by your Tri Turtle that take place on Saturdays. We do a Bike ride followed by a Run/Walk. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the amount of miles that you will be doing. So, for example a Brick (7/1.5) means that we will do a 7 mile Bike ride followed by a 1.5 mile Run/Walk. You will be both supported AND directed on these Bricks. So there is no reason to worry about your ability to comPLETE them. If you must miss a Brick, simply do the equivalent distances, back to back, on your own and you will be right on track. But, if you don't, just come to the next Brick, expect to whine a little, and "get yourself right back on track."

Finally, PLEASE realize that
this Training Schedule represents the IDEAL!!! Only a Cyborg could follow it 100%. This is just like school, if you comPLETE 70%, you will most likely "pass" and comPLETE your triathlon just fine; if you comPLETE 80%, you are above average; if you comPLETE 90%, you are amazing; if you comPLETE 100%, you might need to see a psychiatrist.
Please let me know if you have any questions at this point. But, please know that I will continue to send you all the info you could ever want or need as our 2011 Training Season develops!!!

Lisa Be Your self-righteously thorough Tri Turtle!!!