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Interval Training - Week 4
Here is this week's Interval Swim training in math speak:
(remember that 25 meters equals ONE length of the pool)
~ 4 length/100meter warm-up
~ 1 X 50meter "touchdown"
~ 2 X 25meter sprints with 25m recoveries
~ 2 X 50meter sprints with 25m recoveries
~ 1 X 75meter sprint with 25m recovery
~ 1 X 50meter "touchdown"
~ 2 X 100 meter Tri IM
~ 2 length/50 meter cool down
VOILA! You have completed 32 POWER lengths in the pool. Congrats!!!!!

*** (remember that one track lap equals 400 meters)
~ Get thyself back to a track this week. You are doing 3.0 miles of speed work.
~ 400meter (1 lap) warm-up
~ 4 X 100meter sprints with 100m recovery
~ 4 X 200meter sprints with 200m recovery
~ 1 X 400 meter sprint with 400m recovery
~ 4 X 100meter sprints with 100m recovery
~ 400meter (1 lap) warm-up cool-down
*** Today's training really shows you how to PACE yourself. In order to "sprint" at the different distances, you really need to think about how much effort you can sustain at maximum speed. Notice how it changes: your maximum sprint effort at 100 meters is MUCH faster than you speed at 400 meters, but in each case, you are still sprinting.


~ Touchdowns:
To do these, you dive down under the water and touch the bottom of the pool and then come up. You TRI to do this with forward momentum so that you are progressing from one end of the pool to the other as you do the "touchdowns." (I can usually do 3-5 touchdowns before I reach the other end of the pool -- the more the better.) These are a fabulous way to help you learn to "recover" your breath.
If you cannot progress into the deep water, then simply stay down in the shallow end and touch the bottom of the pool. FIVE repeated touches of the pool bottom in the shallow end equals ONE "touchdown."

~ TRI IM: This is a swimming activity in which you do a variety of different stokes in a particular order. You do each stroke for 25 meters/one pool length before switching to the next stoke in the swim "medley." Since you alternate between 4 strokes doing each for 25 meters, one IM is called a "100." In order to complete an "IM," do each of the following strokes for 25 meters/1length. Follow one of the following orders:
Beginners: Side-Stroke; breaststroke; side-stroke; backstroke
Intermediate/Advanced: High-headed crawl; backstroke; breaststroke; freestyle/crawl.

Please let me know if you have ANY questions!!!!! - Lisa Be Your Tri Turtle!!!!