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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
Kitsap TriBabes
Mountain Mentality

Dear Tri Babes,

As you are soldiering through the minefield of your pre-event jitters, I invite you to defuse any potential emotional bombs by noticing a consistent physical phenomenon.

As you are driving in your car, notice how when you first see a hill up ahead in the distance, it looks really steep. The closer you get to it the steeper it seems to gets. But, the instant you are actually driving on the hill, you realize it isn't nearly as steep as it had seemed from afar.

This phenomenon occurs over and over again and illustrates an important truth about
perspective. When you are looking at something from afar, many factors intervene to distort your perspective - that which you anticipate is not that which you will encounter.

I promise that this physical reality provides you with all the wisdom you need in order to quell whatever nervous ailments you are experiencing - from stomach butterflies to night sweats to compete thermonuclear terror meltdowns.

Right now, your Event Day "undertaking" is close enough that you can see it in detail. But, since you aren't quite there yet, your perspective is skewed by your doubt and your fear of the unknown. These factors are escalating your concern unnecessarily making the event seem much more difficult than it actually is. Expect this fear to escalate until you are actually THERE. I promise that once you get to the race start and take that first swim stroke, you will realize that you CAN do this. You will see that it is not nearly as difficult as you thought it would be. Any challenges that come up, you will be prepared and motivated to overcome. You will receive support from endless, unimaginable sources. You will experience joy and pride that you can't even fathom but that you have comPLETEly earned. It will NOT matter how quickly or slowly you go, it will simply be an honor to participate in an event of this magnitude.

Finally, please realize that if you weren't a little bit nervous, this wouldn't matter to you. All we have to do is positively re-direct your fear into excitement!!!

~ Lisa Be off to calm her OWN nerves (I am human, afterall!!!)

"Our greatest fears lie in anticipation." ~ Don Draper & some lesser dude named Balzac!