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Winter Training
Since I have been getting so many anxious emails about what people should do BEFORE we start our official Tri Babe training season in late May, I wanted to make sure you had this "off season" training schedule. Please know that this is only a suggestion. In no way should you think that if you do NOT follow this, then you can NOT begin our upcoming Kitsap Tri Babe training. This is simply a guideline for those of you who are feeling like you'd like to get a "jumpstart" on this year's official training season.

The goals of an "off/pre season" training schedule are thus: 1) prevent and avoid injury; 2) create a base level of fitness; 3) do focused work on "problem" issues and areas; 4) work alternate muscles so that you are a more well-rounded athlete when you begin your specific "in season" training. These goals are best accomplished by interval work and by cross-training.

The following schedule is meant to accomplish the previous goals. I have given you a job for each of the seven days in a week. You can do the workouts in this order or whatever order works best for your schedule. You can also replace what I have suggested with your own favorite work-outs. If this seems too easy, just double or triple my suggestions. If it seems too hard, cut them in half and build up.

DAY ONE: Pool Swim. For those of you who have problems swimming, I will provide "Winter Workshops" on swimming so that you can get proficient at the freestyle/crawl stroke (please check the www.kitsaptribabes.com website for details). For those of you who are already able to do the freestyle stroke, follow this interval work-out:
1) 10 pool lengths free-style warm-up
2) alternate one length as fast as you can with one length slow recovery (free-style). Repeat 4 more times.
3) do five lengths arms only (the pool has little floats you can put between your legs or you can bring a noodle to wrap around your legs).
4) do five lengths legs only (again, use the pool's kick board or bring your own noodle).
5) 10 lengths Freestyle cool down.

DAY TWO: Cross Training Type One. Choose an activity OTHER than swimming, biking or running that you are interested in exploring. This could be Pilates, aerobics, YOGA, rock climbing, YOGA, canoeing, cross-country skiing, YOGA, hiking, or whatever you want!!!!!!!!

DAY THREE: Interval Run. My suggestion is that you go to the track and do the following work-out:
1) 4 laps warm-up
2) Run the straight part as fast as you can, walk the curved part to recover. Do this for a total of eight times/4 laps.
3) 4 laps cool down
If getting to the track is too hard, you can find a hill near your house and run up it, walk down it. OR just take a run and alternate periods of running fast with periods of running slowly.

DAY FOUR: Cross Training Type Two. Pick a different non-triathlon activity, for example, YOGA, and enjoy it.

DAY FIVE: Bike Ride. If you CAN purchase or already have a bike trainer, use it to vary periods of spinning hard and fast with periods of recovering. OR, go find a hill near your house and ride up and down it as many times as you can. OR, just find a 30-60 minute route that you enjoy and ride it. If you can alternate periods of riding hard and fast with periods of slowly recovering, that would be great.

DAY SIX: Strength Training. You can COME TO ATHLETE'S HOUR on Saturday's from 10:30-11:30a.m. at Expansions Yoga in Silverdale OR get a video OR do a machine work-out at your gym OR, you can just do some old fashioned sit-ups and push-ups. 15-30 minutes is great!!!!!

DAY SEVEN: And on the 7th day, the Tri Goddess rested.