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Prance & Plunge 2012
Prance & Plunge 2012 Fast Facts:

~ Air Temperature: 29 degrees
~ Water Temperature: 41 degrees
~ Number of deaths, injuries, problems: 0
~ Number of Prancers: 112
~ Number of Plungers: 76
~ Number of DOUBLE Plungers: 3 -- those people were WACKED!
~ Amount of money raised toward the "Build a Rentable Shelter at Wildcat Lake Park" Project: $1000.00
~ Amount of fun had: In the words of the immortal Buzz Lightyear, "to infinity and BEYOND . . ."

Dear One & All -- Thank you so much for making today's Prance and Plunge so successful . . . no one died, no one slipped on the "black ice" that I forgot to warn you about, AND neither
Bill Beatty (in his row boat) nor Dane (in his wetsuit) had to save anyone in the water!!!

What DID happen is that 112 of you merrily "Pranced" around Wildcat Lake and 76 of you made sure that
you earned and therefore rightly received the Icicle Medal (that Jerri Kaesar made for you) after Plunging into the 41 degree water -- see I TOLD you it would feel warm as long as the air temperature was an even lower 29 degrees!!! Thanks to your enthusiastic participation, you earned $1000 for Wildcat Lake Park today. This brings our total the past two years to $7500 which means that we have raised enough money to build a rentable shelter at the Park. I will keep you apprised of the future plans . . . but no matter what happens with the shelter, you have helped the Parks Department keep Wildcat Lake "open and accessible to the public." Sarah Lee claimed that you only agreed to come comPLETE an activity this crazy because I have been "putting something in the Tri Tea" all summer long!!! I represent that claim!!!

The day began dryly and auspiciously. As your EXTREMELY dedicated volunteers were diligently setting things up in the parking lot, the sun began to rise over the lake. "Look, the sunrise is PINK," one of them exclaimed. We all stopped IMMEDIATELY, took a picture, and gushed over what a good omen this was!

Check-In went smoothly and it turned out that I had ordered the PERFECT number of commemorative shirts designed by
Shelley Mortvedt at Dyes Inlet Design. So, not a SINGLE possible penny was wasted which allowed us to meet our goal of giving $1000 to Wildcat Lake. Y'all REALLY took my threat to have Santa put you on the Naughty List seriously!!! Thanks to each and every one of you for paying for the shirt you asked me to order for you!!!

At precisely 9:09a.m., you began Prancing. And, you Pranced BRISKLY!!!
Congrats to Ken Foss on his first place victory and to Jim Bleich for coming in a close second place. (Yes, I know that technically, college runner extraordinairre, Brent Groulik "blew everyone away" and finished Prancing first but by heading directly to his car, he lost his right to "count" as our official winner -- amazing Prancing pace notwithstanding!) It was KEN FOSS who took the FIRST PLUNGE. And, it was KEN FOSS who decided to Plunge again later on when his "peeps" finished their Prancing!!! Congrats to Heidi Hutchinson and Khristian Page who were your Top Two Females!!! Heidi averaged sub 8 minute miles on our HILLY course blowing away her Tri Turtle Tri 2011 time!!! After taking the Plunge, Khristian changed not only her clothes but her "mode" and went on to warm you up with yummy mochas from her Instant Karma line of organic drinks. PLEASE visit her at www.instantkarmacoffee.net!!!

Despite not TECHNICALLY being asked OFFICIALLY to "volunteer,"
John Kaesar comPLETEd your post plunging warmth by diligently serving as "Keeper of the Flame." He also "scared the squeal out of me" by hiding in the men's bathroom after I told him I was going to do "one last check" to make sure we had cleaned up everything!!!

Here are some
Notable Plungers:
Matt Hahn who did swam the "Butterfly" stroke out to Bill Beatty's rowboat!!!
~ Our "littlest" Plungers:
Autumn (whose family lives in the house on the lake) and Katherine Adam's granddaughters (Ashleigh Key and Alex Sanford)!!!
Kate Espy and Sandy Willoughby for the most creative bathing costumes!!!
Dianne Arnold, Donna Wagner and Jenny Grenfell for taking the Final Plunge with me!!!
Sarah Lee for asking me "what special Plunge are YOU going to do Lisa" and making me feel like getting in just wasn't "good enough." This inspired me to do a front flip in and then a back flip just for fun!!!
The day ended as it always does . . . with Trixie's skirt on backwards (that girl knows how to have good time and is NOT embarrassed to show it) . . . and with David muttering. Today's notable mumble, "Okay, I think I got everything except those damn pink feathers that are all over the ground!!!"

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thanks again for coming . . . Lisa Be hoping that you renewed YOUR spirits as much as you renewed MINE!!!

Let's hear it ONE more time for you amazing volunteers & sponsors:

~ Bill Beatty: Who sat in his rowboat and thankfully did NOT impersonate Charon ferrying you across the River Styx!
Judy Beatty: Check-In Goddess!!!
Celeste Cornish: Check- In Queen
Kim Hutchinson: Check-In Princess
Jerri Kaesar: Your wearable (Icicle Medals) and edible (cookies) treat maker!!!
John Kaesar: Keeper of the Flame
Shane Madson: Mini Crises Solver!!!
David Miller: Your Course Troll who is now spastically but happily dancing to the Jackson Five's "Enjoy Yourself" while making appetizers for the New Year's Festivities we about to attend!!!
Dane Miller Ballou: Your lead Prancer and happily dry lifeguard!!!
Drake Miller Ballou: Your Greeter, He who forced used paper cups on your at the 2nd Aid Station AND your official "Final Prancer!"
Shelley Mortvedt @ Dyes Inlet Design: who created your commemorative shirt!!!
Olympic Anesthesia: Your MAJOR sponsor!!!
Khristian Page @ Instant Karma Coffee
~ Kim Petersen: Jill of ALL Trades today!!!
Debi Rickenbaugh and Jenni at Starbucks, Silverdale
~ Windy Tuttle: Who did whatever I asked and more EXCEPT not Plunge!!!
Johanna Willoughby: Your Diva Johanna who not only put together your festive tunes BUT went "old school" and put them on an antiquated CD just for me!!! Jo also DOUBLE PLUNGED!!!
Keith Willoughby: Parking Guru
Sandy Willoughby: It is NOT a party until the Willoughby's show up!!!