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Registering for the 2012 Danskin Triathlon
Dear Tri Babes - I promise that REGISTERING for a triathlon is the hardest part of any triathlon journey!!!

As always, though, your triathlon success depends upon taking things ONE BABY STEP AT A TIME . . . so here is your step by step guide for
How to Successfully Register for the 2012 Danskin triathlon:

1) go to the following link: http://www.danskintriathlon.net/
2) Click on "August 19th Seattle Sign-up"
3) Click on "sign up here"
4) When filling out the "participant info," remember that your name is NOT Jane Doe or Angelina Jolie just as MY name is NOT Lisa Ballou.
My first name is LisaTriBabe and my last name is Ballou; your first name is ?TriBabe and your last name is ? (Vets, you know why; Newbies - please just do as you are told and all will be revealed later!!!)
5) Under "Race Info," select "Individual" as your "Event"
6) Select "Age Group Individual" or "Mixed Individual" as your "Category"
7) Select "Sprint" as your "Distance"
8) Under "USAT Triathlon Info," please realize that if you have no idea what this is and therefore do NOT already have a USAT number, then you MUST click "USAT One Day Insurance." This will add $12 to the $105 Entry Fee. This insurance is MANDATORY.
9) Under "Additional Info" just skip the section regarding "Owned Championship Chip Code"
10) Under "I am doing TRI with following group" put "Kitsap Tri Babes"
11) Don't worry about info on Group benefits unless you want to but do know that if a person affiliated with you volunteers, Tri Babes potentially gets money for Pink Purse Power
12) I don't think you need training info because what the he!! did you pay me for?
13) Under the "Danskin Tri Series Custom Merchandise" section, you do NOT need an EXTRA training tee, your very own chip, or a special strap - who do you think you are . . . Angelina Jolie? Your $117 Fee will insure that you will get a race shirt and will be loaned the necessary chip and strap.
14) Enter your "Emergency Contact Info." If no family members/friends will be spectating at the event for you, then enter my name, Lisa J. Ballou and my cell phone (360) 801-6500.
15) You should skip the "Team Info" section.
16) Accept the Waiver.
17) Hit "submit."
18) Finally, enter all your payment info . . .

~ Lisa Be wishing you GREAT LUCK when registering!!!!!