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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
Meet & Greet De-Brief
May 12th 2009

Thanks to the, more than, 150 pink enthusiasts who attended last week's Meet & Greet.
Pink Purse Power!!
May 12th 2009

This year the Tri Turtle would love your help initiating a new facet to our weekly group trainings -- a philanthropic one.
Let's Get Geared Up
May 14th 2009

I have gotten numerous questions about what items a Tri Babe needs to purchase to be properly geared up for training and for the “big day.”

12 Week Triathlon Training Schedule
May 12th 2009

12 Weeks & Counting...
Kitsap Tri Babe Triathlon Training Schedule 2009

Fun Run De-Brief
May 31st 2009

The KSMSF fun run as come and gone. Read ahead for the TriTurtle's de-brief.
Pink Army Invades
June 5th 2009

The Pink Army Invades Wildcat Lake and CONQUERS ALL!!!
First Brick De-brief
June 9th 2009

You were STUPENDOUS at Saturday's Brick -- all 170 of you!!!
Congrats on your HUGE accomplishment.

Interval Run and Swim 6/8 - 6/14
June 9th 2009

If you want to be the best you can be . . . then follow the link to interval training information.
6/13 Brick De-Brief
June 15th 2009

151 comPLETErs at Saturday's Brick!

Cartwheels and crashes and polka-dots! Oh my!
Interval Training Week 9
June 15th 2009

This week's interval training, we are going to throw a little variety into the mix.

Add to Subtract
June 15th 2009

Hydration is the subject this week. So grab a glass of water, click on the link and drink deep from the well of TriTurtle knowledge.
6/20 Brick De-Brief
June 22th 2009

150 successful comPLETErs at Saturday's Brick!

Biking, running and a firetruck?!?! Seriously, a firetruck?
Interval Training Week 8
June 22th 2009

Swiming, running, walking and as an added bonus, a glossary.

Interval Training Week 7
June 29th 2009

Interval training this week has the added fun of something called "Hill Repeats." Don't you want to know what that is?

Interval Training Week 6
July 8th 2009

Any Seahawk fans out there? Football fan or not you'll want to read up on touchdowns in this week's interval training.

7/11 Brick De-Brief
July 13th 2009

New location, David dancing, "loop de loop" and jogging dachshunds.

That's right it's Brick de-brief time.
Interval Training Week 5
July 16th 2009

Last week Touchdowns were introduced. Prior to that, Hill Repeats. What will it be this week? You guessed it... BOTH!! Yippie!
Woman to Woman
July 16th 2009

Friends. Sometimes you don't want them along for the ride but, they insist. Follow the link to find out how to handle a triathlon when a pesky friend won't let you go it alone.
Week-end update
July 21st 2009

Looks like a busy week-end out there in Triathlon land. Check out what some TriBabes, and Dane, did this past week-end.
Interval Training for 7/27 - 8/2
July 21st 2009

Another week, another opportunity to improve. And it's the perfect week for swim training. Not so sure about sprints but, the TriTurtle says to do it so...
Add to Subtract, Pt. 2
July 28th 2009

Plenty of good nutrition information awaits you. OK, maybe plenty doesn't do the article justice. How 'bout oodles of info.
She's A Super Freak!!
Aug 13th2009

The Mini-Tri is over and done. Sounds like a successful Danskin is on the horizon. March on Pink Army!
To-do list and Packing list
Aug 13th 2009

You know you're ready. Now find out what to do in the days leading up to the Danskin. There's also a list of everything you'll need to comPLETE.
Three Important Things
Aug 31st 2009

Final BRick in sight. Could that spell the end of Pricilla? (gasp!)
OK, Pricilla isn't in peril but, there is more info ahead.
Article Archive
The Party's Over
Mar 18th 2010

No, this isn't another article on hydrating. But, if you want to get a "jump start" on training. Read on dear TriBabe.
Wildcat Lake News

You've probably heard the news about Wildcat lake closing. And you've probably thought "What can I do?" Follow the link to find out how you can help.

TRANSITIONS: From the Eye of the Rabbit

The topic is transitions and Rabbit Dane tells it like he sees it.

Key words: fashion show, snot and rocket

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