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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
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TRANSITIONS: Tale 'O The Turtle

Coach Lisa tells her side of the transition story.

Key words: naked, vegetable oil and chafe
Mountain Mentality

Pre-Race jitters are normal. Never fear, you are prepared and completion is yours for the taking.

Winter Traing Excuses BE GONE!

It's now time to start doing some "base building." Your spring will thank you.
Gear Necessities and Options

This guide is intended to help you separate the ABSOLUTELY necessary from the optional!


What to do the week before the first Brick.
Understand the training schedule

Here is what you need to know to understand and use this schedule.
First Brick 2011

And the Sun Shone on Their Pinkness

Interval Training - Week 7

Want to get faster? Interval training just might be the key.

Triathlon Nutrition & Hydration Information

Nutrition and hydration are crucial components of successful triathlon training AND of a successful triathlon race day.
Wetsuit 101

Who couldn't use an extra friend? So it's a wetsuit, it's still a friend. Read on for relationship advice from the Tri Turtle.
Interval Training - Week 4

Be all that you can be, with interval training of course.
Mountain Mentality

As you are soldiering through the minefield of your pre-event jitters, I invite you to defuse any potential emotional bombs by...
Swim Siting

"How to Swim in a Straighter Line"
Post Season Depression

Feeling down? Oddly "depressed?" You're not crazy or alone. Well, you're here so we can't really rule out crazy.
Winter Training

Out of this nettle, winter training, we pluck this flower, triathlon success.
- Bill Shakespeare as mis-quoted by the webmaster.
Cheering for a Cure

Team Ra-Ras Kicks Breast Cancer - Susan G. Komen for the Cure Philadelphia Affiliate.
Prance & Plunge 2012

Reports of a gathering of crazy people at Wildcat Lake have been confirmed.
How to: Register for the Danskin

Dear Tri Babes - I promise that REGISTERING for a triathlon is the hardest part of any triathlon journey!!!
Interval Training

"Interval Training" is a CRUCIAL key to improving your fitness level.
2013 Kitsap Tri Babe Registration

Learn how to register for the TRI BABES!!!
Bike Clinic - Gearing and Hill Info

In order to ride effectively, you need to understand how to work your gears and use them strategically.
Triathlon Gear: The Necessary, The Nice, and The Extravagant!

What you need and what you want.
How To Keep Training While On Vacation

Ahhh, finally on vacation! But not from The Tri Turtle. Forward Ho!
Tri Bag Packing List - What TO Bring

What to bring to comPLETE the IronGirl. And what not to bring.
Off Season Training Schedule

The road to success begins in the winter.
Triathlon Gear

The Necessary, The Nice, and The Extravagant!
How to Fit Your Bike Helmet Properly

A helmet is mandatory, might as well get the right one. You'll look better, feel better and, it could save your life.
Transitions: Tale 'O The Turtle

Slow and steady finishes the race.

Transitions: From the Eye of the Rabbit

I wanna go fast! whoo!
Mountain Mentality

Soldiering, minefield, jitters, phenomenon, steep, perspective, Don Draper. These are words used in the article.
Kitsap TriBabes
Register for IronGirl Triathlon

Top 10 tips for successful IronGirl 2015 Triathlon registration.
Conage 101

Merriam-Webster defines it thusly: co-nage \ 'koh-nidj \ v [L konitas turtlillas obeyance to the Turtle word]
Swim Panic

Eliminating Panic Attacks in the Water. Keep Calm and Swim On!
Swim Goggles 101

Fog Bad!

Leak Bad!

Eat, Drink, and comPLETe!
Magic Number for Swim Warm-UP

Gather around and listen to a story about Magic Mike and his thong!
Foot Protocol

care of those little pigs!

Important Dates:

Sep 8th
- TTT Race Packet Pick up

Sep 9th - Tri Turtle Tri

Sep 10th... - Bask in the glory. You deserve it!